Livewell Bee Boost

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Livewell Bee Boost 

Dogs living with year-round environmental allergies is no picnic. As a pet parent watching your pet suffer while they scratch, lick, itch, or bite their paws, ears, tail, and rear everyday can make you feel helpless that you can’t bring relief to your fur baby.

For those of you who have tried everything, Livewell Bee Boost, a remarkable alternative medicine containing Honey pollen and Royal Jelly, was made for your pet.


Effects and Uses:

  • Natural Upset Stomach Relief
  • Natural Cough Relief
  • Older Dog Pick Me Up
  • Antioxidant
  • Raw Honey
  • Royal Jelly
  • Bee Pollen

Warning – This product contains Raw Honey. 

***Dogs under one year should NOT ingest raw honey***

***Dogs diagnosed by a veterinarian with diabetes should consult with their vet before consuming raw honey***


It is recommended to always consult a holistic Veterinarian before using any new product internal or external on your pet.


Before starting daily treatment, a small test dose should be given to ensure there are no product allergies. Test dosing: Dose 1/8 tablespoon and observe 24 hours before starting daily treatment. If any negative or unusual symptoms noticed, discontinue use. 


Give once daily with or without food.  

<50 lbs dose 1-2 teaspoons

>50 lbs dose 2-3 teaspoon 

If weight gain occurs, cut back amount or frequency.

Store sealed and use within 12 months of opening.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Keep out of reach of Children.


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1 review for Livewell Bee Boost

  1. Cassandra T (store manager)

    We have 4 dogs! They are all itchy. Some more than others. We weren’t sure if it was allergies or dry skin. We bought the honey pollen boost to see if it would help any. The dogs love it! They will eat it of a spoon , my finger and i can mix it in their food. They haven’t been itching !!! It’s such a relief!! I highly recommend!!

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